How musicians earn a living

Musicians are among the people who make the most money. However, this will depend on one’s ability to use their music or celebrity status as a musician to make money. The following are ways through which musicians make money.

How musician make money

Selling their music

From the records they have produced, they can sell them to their fans and make a klzvnklasnnvlkasdnlvnasdlkvnsklandvlkasndkvsadvlot of money. They don’t have to sell their CDs anymore, thanks to technology that their fans can download their songs from iTunes or the other tech oriented platforms that sell music. Others put up their websites which allow people to buy their songs after payment through electronic means. They can make great sales if only the issues of piracy are addressed to ensure that no other people are making a kill out of their hard work.

Becoming brand ambassadors

Musicians earn a celebrity status by the fact that they are known by most people. It becomes easy to use them in adverts so that they become brand ambassadors. They can have an advertising agency sign them up so that they negotiate on behalf of them. From being involved in these deals, they can make a lot of money which if used wisely will propel them to greater heights.

Their music being used in adverts

Sometimes the musician does not have to be involved in the advert themselves; they can have their music be used in a certain advert. They can then be paid for their music being used. This calls for having an agency that will be able to negotiate for better deals on their behalf.

Organizing concerts

Concerts are also a way of musicians making money. The musicians can organize the concerts themselves or have an events company organize this for them. They can then be paid a certain percentage of the proceeds of the ticket sale of the concert. Most musicians often ask for a deposit to be paid upfront before they make an appearance in the concert. This is a typical way that musicians make money, commonly referred to as concert tours.

Teaching about music

Some musicians don’t mind mentoring upcoming musicians. They can start classes either online or make a physical appearance to teach people about music. They can have as many students as they want while at the same time they can teach various institutions about music. They can teach them about composing, recording and even producing the songs and videos as well.

Through awards

lkvnlkasdlkvnlkasdklvnasdlvknaskldnvsadvWhen a musician releases a song it can be liked by many people. This may make it be nominated for various award categories depending on the award organizers. If people vote for the song or the musician, they can earn very good amounts of money together with the trophy. This will call for the musician mobilizing people to vote for him or the song produced.…


Benefits Of Obtaining Coupons

Have you resolved to do couponing? Have you decided to save a lot of money from offline coupons? Well, I am sure the first question you have in mind is where you can get them. You can subscribe to the Sunday paper; you can also order them from coupon-clipping services or the eBay. The good news is that you can still get coupons at no charge.

How? Consider the following ideas

  • Ask relatives and friends for extra coupon inserts. Don’t get surprised when you find out that your friends or relatives don’t use their coupons from the Sunday paper. Most of the time they throw the coupon inserts because they think that they have no business with them. Grab this opportunity!
  • Stop at the joint where most people read their Sunday papers, for example, McDonald’s. Some customer read and leave Sunday papers in these joints. You can pass by and collect complete coupon inserts from these extra papers left by customers. You can be lucky if you have a friend who works in those places, they can collect the papers for you.
  • Think of trading coupons. You can exchange coupons with an individual who has what you need, and they don’t need. You can do it with people in your vicinity or be a member of online coupon trading forums.
  • Your library may turn out to be a great asset to you. Libraries do have newspaper subscriptions. Request them; they can give you the coupon inserts from the Sunday papers.

So now you have gotten yourself coupons, you need some beginner’s tips to get you started

  • Remember that coupons expire and so you need to use them before the expiration date. They also come along with some restrictions such as brand, make, quantity and size which need to be adhered to.
  • Go for coupon websites that match sales with coupons while shopping. Be sure to have all the work done by them. In any sales, they will find any coupons that accompany it.
  • Coupons come in newspaper and mail. An insert referred to as the Red Plum (RP) is the main mailer. You can still find it on the Sunday paper in some areas. Smart Source (SS) is also found in the Sunday paper. In the first paper of the month, you will find Proctor and Gamble (PG). BOGO which means, Buy One Gets One free and MM which means Money Maker are found as side notes.
  • Look at the items that have coupons to go with and buy them in multiples. Have a huge stock of the products that are low in price; this is how you will save a lot of money from coupons.

DIY Wedding Invitations

Are you are torn between a DIY wedding invitation and hiring the services of a professional? Several factors come into play here. You have to look at the resources you have, the budget you have allocated to wedding invitations and the targeted result. If you choose to do it yourself, there are the advantages and disadvantages come along with it. Below are the possible pros and cons which you need to look closely as you decide to do DIY wedding invitations.

Pros of DIY wedding invitations

  • You may end saving money which can be used in other activities regarding your wedding. Wedding invitations are just a sub-set of the whole wedding thing. It is just the beginning. You have to think of other financial obligations such as site booking and decoration and reception costs such as dining costs. Unlike getting professional services, DIY wedding invitations save you money in that you constrain your expenditure to the available resources and saving.
  • You will enjoy something unique. Working on your invitations can guarantee a unique product. With your artistic ideas, you put your creativity to test and produce something that is not a duplicate from other sources.
  • It is fun. If you have amazing ideas, be sure to have fun to work on them. Making the invitation cards for yourself will give that contentment feeling of you did it nicely. It comes along with a lot of joy and pleasure to be contented with your work.
  • You got all the freedom you need. It gives you a chance to explore. You can try all the colors and materials you would wish to have on your invitation cards. Nothing restricts your liberty to try different ideas if you choose DIY.
  • DIY gives you a full control of your creativity. You design your cards with your creativity, and so you can try your creativity the way you please.
  • It helps you to control your nerves. Weddings can put a lot of pressure on you, ranging from financial to psychological stress and tension. Designing, cutting and the other activities related to making the cards can divert your attention away from the nervousness of the big day. You also get to interact with your bridal maids, and this is a good way to ease the tension.

Cons of DIY wedding invitations

  • If creativity and artistic skills are not your things, then you may end up failing. If you are not crafty enough, you may come up with something that does not content you.
  • It can turn out to be stressful and frustrating if you encounter many errors. The more errors and trials you make, the more frustrated you become.
  • It could take longer than you had planned. Because errors will be made, you may end up spending more time as you try to correct the mistakes.
  • You might spend more than you anticipated. If you do not plan well, you might end up allocating less money to wedding invitations. If you encounter many errors which need new resources to correct, you may spend more.
  • Sometimes the image of the invitation card can only be good as an idea in head and not reality.

Sanctuary, Incorporated, Guam – Helping Youth and Families Help Themselves




  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community Development Outreach Prevention and Education
  • Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program
  • YES Crew
  • Community Development and Outreach
  • Ayuda Para I Manaina(Help for Parents)
  • Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters
  • Parental Information Resource Center
  • Transitional Living Program
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Client Art Workshop

 How to Help

  • Donation Pledge
  • How to Volunteer

How to Get Help

  • How to Get Help
  • Technical Assistance and Training

Our Mission

Sanctuary, Incorporated is a community based organization which exists to improve the quality of life for Guam’s youth and families, to promote reconciliation during challenging times, and to advocate for their needs by providing: 24 hour crisis intervention services; a temporary safe refuge during family conflicts and abuse; outreach, education, and prevention programs.

“As a former client, Sanctuary has helped me deal
with problems…with my family and school.
It helped me overcome my anger and to
understand more about the problems I was experiencing.”
– 17 year old, female

Our Vision – Helping Youths and Families Help Themselves

P.O. Box 21030 GMF, GU 96921 ° Administrative Office (671) 735-1400
24 Hour Hotline (671) 475-7100 ° Fax (671) 734-1415 ° E-mail:

This organization facilitates different programs for the youths and their families which help to encourage them live a better life. A lot of people all over the world support this kind of organization, and so, they help raise funds. Shows like the mayhem festival 2009 is just one example of a fundraising activity that people, from all walks of life, participate in.…