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Sanctuary, Incorporated is a community-based organization which exists to improve the quality of life for Guam's youth, to promote reconciliation during times of family conflicts, to foster the development of responsible community members, and to advocate for their needs in an effort to preserve family unity by providing a multitude of services. 




  • Thank you for teaching me how to control my temper. Now I know how to take my anger out in a good way not a bad way. I call one of my friends that are girls and I tell them about my day. They give me great advice on what I should do. - (J.T. 12 year old male)

  • Thank you for teaching us not to do drugs and bullying. I hope you loved meeting us as much as we did. You guys are are doing the right thing for and to people. Hope you like it too. Thanks! - (P.M. 13 year old female)








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Sexual Health and You

1 in 2 sexually active young people will get a Sexually Transmitted Infection by the age of 25. 

Talk to your partner before engaging in sexual affects them too!

Talk to your parents...they were once your age.

Relationships and You

Love each other enough to respect each other.

Whether it may be romance, family or friends, get help if you have even a single doubt about your relationship.

Remember: Communication is key!