Crisis Intervention and Outreach

Crisis Intervention and Outreach

Sanctuary provides 24 hour community response and crisis intervention services to youth and families. The main goal of this service is to attempt to resolve family conflicts without resorting to in-shelter services.

Youth and families receive mediation and supportive counseling in order to diffuse personal/familial conflicts. It is also a means to access all of Sanctuary’s services as well as those in the community through information and referral.

Our philosophy is to encourage parental guardian involvement at all levels of problem resolution. We work within the family unit to improve and maintain a healthy home life.

Sanctuary’s team of crisis workers ensure prompt response to calls for assistance seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

One additional component of Sanctuary’s outreach and crisis intervention services is to conduct educational presentations in the community. These presentations ensure that people are better informed about services on island.

Merlinda Tutay, Administrative Coordinator/Crisis Worker
“Finally a second to breath and relax.” This is one person always on the go.

“The more Sanctuary programs grow, the more people they can help.”
– 17 year old youth, male