Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

1998 House Management Retreat
Pictured Left to Right- Back Row: Charles Ferrera, Therese Flores, Robin Mesa, Mona Cruz, Jeff Jesus
Front Row: Lillian Terrel, Sheila Sablan, Joe Santiago, Rose Hecita, Charlene Quitevis, Hilary Toves, Cindy Chugrad, Andrea Cabrera
Sanctuary’s co-ed Emergency Shelter is a temporary home for runaway, homeless, abused, and troubled teens. The Shelter can accommodate a maximum number of 16 youths between the ages of 12 through 17. It is staffed 24 hours a day by trained Residential Workers who provide a structured, nurturing and comfortable environment. The shelter is designed to manifest a warm, home-like atmosphere whereby clients are able to work on identified short and long-term goals with the ultimate intent of achieving reunification and reconciliation. In situations where this is not possible, such as extreme cases of abuse, alternative placements in the community are sought. The program is voluntary. Youth who participate in these services are required to commit to working on identified concerns and abide by House Rules and Regulations as a condition for acceptance into shelter.

The young people who access emergency shelter services establish personal goals in the shelter through the development of their Individualized Program Plan (IPP). The IPP also incorporates goals for family members, the residential coordinator and in-shelter staff who all work together to accomplish them within a specified time period. Residential Coordinators provide individual and family supportive counseling in consultation with a licensed clinician to ensure effective interventions occur for each client.

In addition, a variety of teen and parent support groups such as anger management, self-esteem, drug and alcohol are available as part of shelter services. For clients who are dealing with issues related to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, a referral to our Well Springs Group is initiated.

Residential staffs strive to provide clients with an environment that promotes a sense of belonging and fosters the development of trusting relationships throughout the duration of their stay at the shelter. They participate actively in daily living activities as well as recreational activities that are designed to be “fun”, yet at the same time therapeutic and educational.

Upon leaving Sanctuary’s emergency shelter, aftercare services are offered to the youth and family to ensure the smooth transition from shelter to home. In addition, aftercare services assist the family unit and/or youth to become independent of Sanctuary’s services.

The emergency shelter is funded by the Government of Guam appropriation, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Basic Center Grant, the Emergency Food & Shelter Grant, CAHA and the kind donations from the community.

“Sanctuary has been good for me.
Here nobody hurts you or bullies you around.
All you have to do is follow the rules.”
– 15 year old emergency shelter client, female