Benefits Of Obtaining Coupons

Have you resolved to do couponing? Have you decided to save a lot of money from offline coupons? Well, I am sure the first question you have in mind is where you can get them. You can subscribe to the Sunday paper; you can also order them from coupon-clipping services or the eBay. The good news is that you can still get coupons at no charge.

How? Consider the following ideas

  • Ask relatives and friends for extra coupon inserts. Don’t get surprised when you find out that your friends or relatives don’t use their coupons from the Sunday paper. Most of the time they throw the coupon inserts because they think that they have no business with them. Grab this opportunity!
  • Stop at the joint where most people read their Sunday papers, for example, McDonald’s. Some customer read and leave Sunday papers in these joints. You can pass by and collect complete coupon inserts from these extra papers left by customers. You can be lucky if you have a friend who works in those places, they can collect the papers for you.
  • Think of trading coupons. You can exchange coupons with an individual who has what you need, and they don’t need. You can do it with people in your vicinity or be a member of online coupon trading forums.
  • Your library may turn out to be a great asset to you. Libraries do have newspaper subscriptions. Request them; they can give you the coupon inserts from the Sunday papers.

So now you have gotten yourself coupons, you need some beginner’s tips to get you started

  • Remember that coupons expire and so you need to use them before the expiration date. They also come along with some restrictions such as brand, make, quantity and size which need to be adhered to.
  • Go for coupon websites that match sales with coupons while shopping. Be sure to have all the work done by them. In any sales, they will find any coupons that accompany it.
  • Coupons come in newspaper and mail. An insert referred to as the Red Plum (RP) is the main mailer. You can still find it on the Sunday paper in some areas. Smart Source (SS) is also found in the Sunday paper. In the first paper of the month, you will find Proctor and Gamble (PG). BOGO which means, Buy One Gets One free and MM which means Money Maker are found as side notes.
  • Look at the items that have coupons to go with and buy them in multiples. Have a huge stock of the products that are low in price; this is how you will save a lot of money from coupons.